Flu Campaign 

 We are excited to announce that our flu injections are back in stock. Bookings can be made via telephone 01923 820 866 or alternatively, if you already have patient online access set-up and are aged 65 and over, please click here to be taken directly to the booking page. 


Two Types of Vaccines

This year there are two different vaccinations depending on your age as of 31st March 2019.  For those aged 65 and over the recommended vaccine is Fluad. We have ensured that we have sufficient stocks of the immunisations for our patient population therefore there is no need to panic or for you to seek to get your immunisation elsewhere. For patients aged 3 to <65 we have stock of the recommended vaccine, Influvac. 


Vaccinations for children (those aged 2 to 9) will not be released by NHS England until middle of October, however, the Influvac injection is licensed from the age of 3 years old and can be used instead of the nasal flu vaccination.

What is Seasonal Flu?

Seasonal flu occurs every year, usually in the winter. It's a highly infectious disease caused by a virus. The most likely viruses that will cause flu each year are identified in advance and vaccines are then produced that closely match them.  Colds are much less serious and usually start gradually with a stuffy or runny nose and a sore throat.  Flu symptoms hit you suddenly and severely. They usually include fever, chills, headaches and aching muscles, and you can often get a cough and sore throat at the same time.  Because flu is caused by viruses and not bacteria, antibiotics won’t treat it.

Vaccines work. Here are the facts - Article to explain the Flu Vaccination

Flu Leaflet

NHS Flu Vaccine Website


Don’t wait until there is a flu outbreak this winter: contact your GP or practice nurse now to get your seasonal flu jab.


Who is Entitled to a Free Vaccination?


  • All 2-3 year olds (born between 1st September 2015 and 31st August 2017) - Information Leaflet

  • All aged 65 (as of 31st March 2020)

  • Those aged six months to under 65 years in clinical risk groups

    • At risk groups include anyone with a chronic condition, including:

      • Heart, lung, liver, spleen or kidney problems

      • Diabetes

      • Stroke

      • Neurological conditions such as multiple sclerosis (MS) or cerebral palsy

      • Lowered immunity due to disease or treatment (such as cancer treatment or steroid treatment)

  • Pregnant women - Information Leaflet

  • Those in long-stay residential care homes

  • Carers

If you are not automatically picked-up and sent an invite and believe you fit into any of the above criteria and haven't been invited, please contact the Practice. Those that are known to be housebound will be vaccinated in early October.

Childhood Immunisation

The Childhood Influenza programme will be delivered to children in reception to year six. Children aged 4 to 5 years who have not yet started school should be offered the vaccine at one of the School Aged Immunisation provider community clinics. If you have any difficulties getting your child immunised via the Schools programme you can contact Hillingdon CNWL on 01895 485740 or via cnw-tr.immunisationteam@nhs.net

Protecting your child against Flu


Is There Anyone Who Shouldn't Have The Vaccine?

Almost everybody can have the vaccine, but you should not be vaccinated if you have had a serious allergy to the vaccine in the past, or if you have a serious allergy to hens’ eggs.  If you have a fever, the vaccination may be delayed.

What If I Am Not Entitled To The Free Vaccine?

If you do not meet the criteria for free vaccination by a GP Surgery above, it is possible to purchase the vaccine and have it administered at a large selection of Supermarkets and Pharmacies around the UK.