Patient Participation Group

What is a Patient Participation Group (PPG)?

A group of registered patients and practice staff who meet frequently to discuss and make decisions about the practice and how it is able to service the community with improved healthcare services and facilities.

What is the purpose Of A PPG?

For the practice and the PPG agree what could enhance the practice. For the practice to understand the patients point of view and to encourage positive feedback. To actively encourage and welcome comments, suggestions from members of the local and wider community.

​PPGs act as representatives of the patient population and are a way of connecting general practice with the community it serves. This includes assisting the practice in organising health promotion events, working with local groups, and supporting annual flu clinics.

The overall aim of our Patient Participation Group (PPG) is to develop a positive and constructive relationship between patients, the Practice and the community it serves, ensuring the Practice remains accountable and responsive to all its patients’ needs.


  1. Helped to form a Carers’ Cafe at Emmanuel Church
  2. Providing a Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter newsletter
  3. Helping run successful flu clinics
  4. Conducting surveys into a wide variety of subjects, health needs, awareness and expectations
  5. Raising monies for display boards and encouraging community association via displaying schools’ artwork
  6. Improving practice facilities by introducing a children’s book corner and updating notice boards.
  7. Supporting the practice with feedback on several issues, e.g. appointment systems, website
  8. Acting as a representative for the NAPP.

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